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Sisters OR Not the Review You're Looking For

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Star Wars is upon us and there shall be a glorious bonus episode dedicated to The Force Awakens, but first we've got to talk about THAT other movie hitting theaters this weekend, Sisters

Sisters follows the latest pairing of SNL alum superstars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as they fight to recapture the nostalgia of living in their childhood home one last time before their parents sell it off. It's just the non-blockbuster comedy non-galactic fans will be looking for, but does it live up to its SNL infused pedigree? Arthur and I discuss our history with Saturday Night Live spinoffs before delivering a final verdict.

If the Sisters isn't up you're alley, we've still got plenty plenty to discuss including our thoughts on The Golden Globe nominations and the latest rounds of 2016 trailers. It was a big week with nearly every major franchise bringing their A-game to precede The Force Awakens. We give our quick thoughts on X-Men: ApocalpyseStar Trek: Beyond, and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them along with many others. 

Golden Globe Nominations - 2:02

Trailer Talk Time - 23:03

Sisters Review -39:32

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