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Star Trek BEYOND!

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Star Trek Beyond follows the Enterprise crew on a mission three years into their five year journey. Kirk(Chris Pine) has has lost his motivation in the day to day in his role as captain as he realizes he's aged a year older than his father lived. After hearing docking at space station Yorktown, Kirk agrees to take on a rescue mission that takes them deep into uncharted space. Upon arriving at the beacon's location, the ship is attacked by a mysterious vessel piloted by Krall(Idris Elba) who wrecks destroys the Enterprise and forces the crew to abandon ship. The surviving crew including Lt. Uhura(Zoe Saldana), Scotty(Simon Pegg), Commander Spock(Zachary Quinto), Dr. Bones McCoy(Karl Urban), Mr. Sulu(John Cho), and Chekov(Anton Yelchin) all find themselves split apart on an uncharted planet. Kirk is devastated by the loss of his crew and decides he will stop at nothing until they are reunited. 

The plot sounds like it's something right out of Star Trek: The Original Seriesbut the question on many a Trekkie's mind is does it really think and feel like something out of the original series? In spoiler section of our review we dive straight into some of the ideas driving the film before laying a final verdict on the latest sci-fi summer space adventure. 

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