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Episode 49

Tallulah - Time to Netflix and Chill?

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This week's Back to the Movies is taking us away from the big screen and back to our TV screens for the another edition of "Back to the Couches" in our review of the Netflix original film, Tallulah. The film stars Ellen Paige as a woman searching for a home who through unlikely circumstances, kidnaps a baby and flees to her ex-boyfriend's mother. The film is written/directed by regular Orange is the New Black director, Sian Heder. 

This week, Back to the Movies is join by recurring guest host Alexandra Bohannon from The Film Syllabus.  Before delving into our review of the film we both talk a little bit about what we've been watching. Alexandra talks about her recent trip to the Fathom Event celebrating the 30th anniversary of Labyrinth followed by her watch of Dark Crystal. I talk a little about the recent Clint Eastwood/Tom Hanks collaboration, Sully and my recent revisits to Community Season 6 and Digimon.

In our review of Tallulah, Alexandra and I talk about the films strong behind the scenes representation of women and some of the films nuances(or lack thereof) in the portrayal of mothers, homosexual relationships, and men. We spend a great deal of talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the film's style and aesthetics. 

Does Tallulah deserve the time it takes to Netflix stream or should you just find a better movie in the redbox? Tune in!

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