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Episode 27

The BvS Fans Strike Back!

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Ladies, gentlemen, and the jury of the infamous Batman v Superman: Attack of the Critics/fan, GoodTrash Media has talked an awful lot about the film and its divided reactions between fans and critics over the last week. If our less than favorable Back to the Movies review wasn't a hint, both Dustin and Caleb wrote a bit about their biggest takeaways from the movie despite its issues. 

As we put it at the end of every episode of the GoodTrash Genrecast, film is more than 90 minutes of popcorn and we value the discourse that comes from the conversation following each and every trip to the movies. After hearing our Back to the Movies review, DC comic book enthusiast and founder of the 1988 project, Shawn Curtis reached out to defend the movie and argue the merits of Batman vs Superman against the critics. 

Caleb sits down and talks to Shawn a little bit about his history with the characters before things heat up and the two discuss stand alone films vs multimedia driven universes, Batman's history using weapons to kill, Darkseid's impending arrival in the DCCU, and Ben Affleck's success as the dark knight. 

The BvS Fans Strike Back! Time Stamps

History with DC Comics - 4:28

A Different Take on BvS - 7:42

Self Contained vs Multimedia - 10:58

Batman Kills? - 15:18 

Superjerk? - 21:41

Is it better fan service than film? - 28:48

Something Darkseid - 39:18

Squeezed Too Tight? - 47:16


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