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Episode 35

The Nice Guys

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The buddy cop genre may be long passed its prime, but that doesn't mean veterans like Shane Black doesn't have a few more creative aces up his sleeves. Back the Movies revs up for the impending wave of big dumb summer action movies with a breath of fresh air in our review discussion of The Nice Guys starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. The show does the same good cop/bad cop routine with Caleb and his guest from, The People's History of Film, Dalton Stuart.

The Nice Guys is a neo-noir sort bro comedy about a half baked Private Eye and gun for hire teaming up to find a girl who's gone missing. The duo don't exactly get off on friendly footing, but  they reluctantly decide to work together when the price is right. If this sound like just about every buddy cop movie ever made, it's because this movie doesn't exactly rock the boat in terms of plot structure. Shane Black essentially redefined the genre when he wrote the original Lethal Weapon, but can he continue to bring a fresh flavor to big screen?

The Nice Guys Time Stamps

Introductions - :23

The Nice Guys Review - 2:51

Recommendations - 22:12

*Spoilers* - 25:19

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