Back to the Movies
Episode 39

The Swiss Army Man

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This week's Back to the Movies takes a break from all of the giant explosions, mutated turtles, and oversaturated CGI fantasy to look at a film that's cut from a different cloth as we look at Swiss Army Man. In this week's discussion, Arthur begins his sabbatical to a deserted island which put The Film Syllabus co-host Alexandra Bohannon back in the co-hosts chair. Also joining us to discuss the madness is friend of the show/local film producer Zachary Burns. 

If you're not familiar, Swiss Army Man is the story between a suicidal man named Hank (Paul Dano) and his friend Manny(Daniel Radcliffe) who just happens to be a corpse that washed up on shore. The two bond together as Hank tries to find his way home. 

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