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Episode 38


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The cinema flashbacks keep coming as we look at another property that arrived in the 90s, Warcraft. That's right, Caleb and Arthur went Back to the Movies to check out the mega-blockbuster from Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) to see if it's worth your time going back to the movies. Your fearless hosts wandered aimlessly through several different worlds to finally arrive in Azeroth. 

Duncan Jones' Warcraft takes on the tall order of adapting one of the most beloved game franchises of all time, and it is a tall order. This is also the third video game adaptation of 2016, following the financially successful Angry Birds and the flop Ratchet and Clank. With Assassin's Creed on the holiday horizon, the question of whether video games make good source material is really in the forefront of your hosts' minds. Warcraft tries and the results are well examined by Arthur and Caleb. This fantasy story of Orcs invading a new world to try and sustain their way of life has a lot of ambition, and features a notable cast of character actors. Caleb does ponder at what point do we start looking at these huge CGI spectacles as simply animated films though. 

Warcraft is another in a line of recent blockbusters that leaves Caleb and Arthur kind of stretched thin. They go through their history with the franchise and with Blizzard to set up their foundation for going into Warcraft. While both men have flirted with the franchise, neither were die-hard fans of the product which raises some questions of how that may have colored their viewing of the film. They also raise the question of whether a person's experience with a franchise should impact the film going process at all.  And these are all questions that we would love to hear your response to. So, please, let your hosts know what you thought of Warcraft in the comments below or on Twitter (@Good_Trash) and Facebook (/goodtrashmedia). 

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