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Episode 23

Zootopian Politics

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It's all aboard the Zootopia Express on this week's Back to the Movies with Arthur and me. It may be cute, colorful, and cuddly on the outside, but what lies beneath the surface is one of the most commentary heavy films Disney has made in over a decade. That's right listeners, this week's episode focuses on the issues few parents will be itching to discuss with their kids.

With the dull and dreary superhero battles of the century between Batman/Superman and Captain America/Iron Man just mere days away, it'd be easy to overlook some of the prettier roses of spring 2016 releases. Luckily the unstoppable Disney marketing machine has made sure and well that the less hyped Zootopia isn't overlooked. Having made more than $154 million in the US alone in the two weeks since it's opening, Zootopia is proving to be one of the studio's biggest films since Frozen.

Arthur and I give our brief reviews before delving into the surprisingly multilayered commentary on recent issues in American politics. Politics? You read that right listeners. The analysis gets topical in all the same ways as your high school debate class. No matter where you stand on the issues, we hope you'll tune in and join the challenge of he conversation that Zootopia brings to the table. 

Zootopian Politics Time Stamps

Review - 3:05

Recommendations - 17:06

*Spoilers*- 19:32

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