Bacon Bibles Barbells
Episode 20

Broday (All about Chest)

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Today is ALL ABOUT CHEST! The link that we recommend for this episode is:


The list of the best chest exercises is quite small:

  • Barbell Bench Press
    • Flat Press - watch those elbows
    • Incline Press - use leg drive
    • Close-Grip Press - get those triceps burning, don’t get your hands too close together
    • Reverse-Grip Press - be careful not to die by dropping the weight, throats are a good thing to preserve
  • Dumbbell Bench Press
    • Flat Press - tuck those shoulders
    • Incline Press - tuck shoulders, and watch that the exercise doesn’t turn into a fly
    • good for shoulder pain (or blue slingshot, put link in notes)
  • Dips
  • Mike briefly detail powerlifting specific = Slingshot (link in notes) , Spoto Press, Board Press, floor press, tricep work

Worst exercises

  • Anything on a smith machine - they don’t allow the
  • Machine or dumb-bell flys - terrible on shoulders


  • Range of motion, should I stop at 90 degrees or go down and hit chest to bar?
  • How much of an arched back is best? What about benching with my feet crossed and knees at 90 degrees?
    • as much as possible, get feet back, toes up (if federation allows)
  • How can I get stronger on bench and add weight?
  • How to train with shoulder (rotator cuff) injuries?

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