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Episode 17

EP 17 – How to dial in your macros feat. Toney Saul

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Toney Saul is a crossfitter and talks all about dieting today. Here is the basic outline

How I got into IIFYM/flexible eating 

o Heard about it here and there

  •    Was turned off by the arrogance of people that did it
  •    Was under the impression that a calorie is not a calorie

o First tried

  •    Calculator is confusing
  •    Not much help from the website, which seems defunct

o Liked the idea and continued to dig around online for info

  •    Found:
  •    Stronger and simpler calculator
  •    Strung together my own kind of methodology over the course of about 60 days
  •    Figured out how my body works
  •    Understood my energy requirements

o I am a desk jockey

  •    Got over my fear of calories

o Incorporated intermittent fasting

  •    Have been doing IF for 3 years
  •    I am comfortable with fasting
  •    Took me about a month to figure if IF was compatible with IIFYM
  •    It’s an extra step in calorie/energy expenditure, but I like the balance
  •    I almost always feel adequately fueled for my workouts
  •    Different styles of exercise require different kinds of macros                                            

How I do IIFYM day-to-day

o I use My Macros+ app on iOS

o Most of the food I eat is “clean” because for me, it’s easier to track

o I do not hesitate to east something I want such as pizza, chocolate, etc., but I track it

o I do not hesitate to go out to eat

  •    I try to find a macro equivalent beforehand so I know what I can reasonably eat

o If I go over or under my macros, I don’t freak out.

o I weigh myself every couple of weeks

o I rely on mirror look

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