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Episode 23

EP 23 - Training When You're Busy feat. Matthew Henry Young

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Work life balance can be hard to find and that is the subject for this episode. Our guest, Matthew Henry Young is a student of Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy at Berea College. He enjoys backpacking and powerlifting in his free time.

How can we as busy individuals get more swole with all life happening?

  1. Prioritize. Recognize where physical fitness/working out falls in relation to your other goals and responsibilities.
  • What other things are going on in your life? Family, friends, church, education, career
  • How does fitness fit into these other aspects? For David it might be so his kids will fit over his knee when he spanks them…or maybe avoiding the 40-32 pant size if at all possible (think slim thoughts) Dude, just let your inner power-lifter out!
  • Remember that one bad day or one bad week isn’t an excuse for falling completely off the wagon. Get back in the ring!


  1. If limited for time: --focus on compound movements and lifting heavy things. --find ways to work out outside the gym. I do pull-ups and push-ups in my room, and I have a pair of dumbbells and a curl bar for doing accessory work, so I can focus on my big lifts in the gym.
  • If you can only workout a few nights a week but you have time, combine training days - push, pull, legs, or chest/triceps, back/biceps, shoulders, legs
  • If you don’t have much time, consider focusing on compound lifts and avoid isolation training (btw, it’s better anyway)
  • You could always wake up earlier or try training at night...if it’s important to you, you will make the time. Cut that 2 hour Netflix bing and do 1 hour at the gym


  1. Minimize decision-making. Just have a solid routine of when you'll lift, what you'll eat, etc. Stress and business saps your willpower to make good decisions.
  • Make a routine, and it should be built around whatever you are training for. Train the way you fight.


  1. Recognize that, as D.A. Carson says, sometimes the best thing you can do to glorify God is getting a good night's sleep.


  1. Be innovative. Can you run/jog to the gym instead of walking? That gives you more time in the gym, and gets you warmed up.
    Can you work in other exercises between sets? I like to flip tires between sets of rows or pull-downs.

In general:

  • remember why you lift, and figure out how to best hit those goals in a limited amount of time.
  • do workouts that don't take much time.
    • For example, I gained a ton of muscle and lowered BF% just doing Stronglifts 5x5. That takes 45 minutes, 3 times a week. It might not get you to world-class levels, but you can still gets gains.
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