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EP 27 - Preparing for Arnold Classic 2016

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DAVE introduces the topic - Held every year in Columbus, Ohio. This event is a competition among the world's best professional bodybuilders.


Schwarzenegger is also the owner of Arnold's Sports Festival, which he started in 1989 and is held annually in Columbus, Ohio. It is a festival that hosts thousands of international health and fitness professionals which has also expanded into a three-day expo.


Arnold won his first gold medal in US as Mr. World in 1970 in Columbus, OH, which is why the Arnold Classic is held in Columbus each year.


The Fitness EXPO is part of the Arnold Classic and includes powerlifting, archery, strongman competitions, Mixed Martial Arts, Fencing, and much more.


EVERETT - what things are you going to see at the Arnold? Would you ever try to compete, could you compete at either the XPC or USAPL Powerlifting events?


DAVE - what things are you going to see at the Arnold? Would you ever try to compete, could you compete at either the XPC or USAPL Powerlifting events?


Bodybuilding and Steroid use - if it were legal, would it be a sin to take Steroids?


DAVE - Are taking steroids a sin? There are various subjects that were not explicitly discussed in the Bible because those things were not around when the Bible was written. When it is not explicitly listed in the Bible we are to look at the overarching principles that could be correlated with the subject.


Fact - steroids are illegal in the  US, so any use today in the US would be a sin (Romans 13:1-7, 1 Pt 2:13-17). But if they were legal like they are in the UK, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and Portugal.


Fact - steroids are VERY expensive and spending between $300-$1000 of your take home pay each month for something as vain as aesthetics could be seen as idolatry. But could that also be seen with multivitamins? (I personally spend $130 a month on vitamins). If we let the free market go nuts on steroids and it wasn’t legal, the price for the products (as with marijuana) would drop considerably, so this argument might be moot. (PP: That’s a pretty high $$ for steroids...I would say that it’s likely a huge overestimate. Plus they are used in cycles and so you’re not taking them every month. Usually a cycle is 8-16 weeks, depending on purposes and the cost depends on whether you are “stacking” different drugs. Straight testosterone at a higher rate than the body produces are much less expensive. Just saying.)


Fact - steroids misused can hurt your body, but so can alcohol and we have no issues with partaking in alcohol. Can you use steroids properly in the same way you can properly ingest alcohol? What if it’s prescribed by a doctor? How is that any different? The overarching principle in the Bible could be found here on this subject (not all things are profitable 1 Cor 6:12, 10:23) (watch out for idols 1Jn 5:21) (glorify God with your body 1 Cor 1 Cor 6:19-20).

Outside of the potential side effects of steroids, if it helps with your lifting goals, how is taking them wrong? (PP: If you take steroids but compete in a tested federation, as a tested athlete, then it is dishonest. This is not  uncommon as they only test 10% of participants. The USAPL meets I have done they’ve even taken volunteers for the testing, which defeats the purpose of random testing. Between the volunteers and the guys setting records, who are automatically tested, I’ve yet to see a random test in what is considered the most tested federation in the US)

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