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Episode 53

EP 53 - Cessationism vs Continuationism w/Toney Sauls and Everett Henes

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TBN and others often feature these massive meetings where people are healed and are speaking in tongues or receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Youtube videos have arisen showing Benny Hinn knocking down rows and rows of congregants with the music from "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" in the background - thx youtube.


Does the Holy Spirit still operate as shown on the first day of Pentecost or are we relegated to living in John Macarthur's dull reality? Where's the truth?


Today's episode we join our two guests/hosts/reasons you keep coming back as we discus cessationism and continuationism.


Wikipedia defines cessationism as "the doctrine that spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues, prophecy and healing ceased with the original twelve apostles" and continuationism as "the belief that the gifts of the Holy Spirit have continued to the present age, specifically those sometimes called "sign gifts", such as tongues and prophecy."


If you want a paper that Dave wrote up on the subject, feel free to ask for it at

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