Bacon Bibles Barbells
Episode 65

EP 65 - Gainz not Pains w/Jake Noel

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Why did you get into injury correction and prevention work?


What are your strength numbers -best & current


What are the most common injuries you see from powerlifters/olympic lifters/BB’ers?


What is one thing that athletes are not doing that they should be doing on a regular basis to prevent injury?


What do you take on a regular basis to supplement your training?


What is your worst injury and what did you do to fix it?


When it comes to injury correction - what is your method?


When it comes to be an athlete yourself, how do you think about potential injuries and train? Do the realizations that an injury could be one bad rep away mess with your training routine?


What is one thing you have heard many lifters say that is WRONG/MYTH?


Favorite powerlifter to watch progress/compete?


Do powerlifters need supplements and if so, which?


Why isn’t powerlifting more popular like CF? Should it be or will that mess with the sport?


From Kenric - What is a good ab routine for a powerlifter? How often should lift variations be performed? What does a peaking program look like?

From Josh - Shoulder rehab exercises would be good

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