Bacon Bibles Barbells
Episode 21

Post Pregnancy Gainz

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Show Notes

Not one special guest but THREE. Straight from our own BBB fam, we have Amanda Kroeker, Sarah Shaw, and Nikkita Grimm. Here is a brief bio of each of them:

  • Amanda Kroeker - 28 years old, Wife to Anthony mother of one son, 10 years old. I had been athletic my whole life growing up. Gymnast for 12 years (this was my passion). Cheerleader for 3 years. Some volleyball, track, and softball in the mix. Being very fit before pregnancy helped me to snap back into shape very quickly, leaving the hospital after giving birth at close to my pre-pregnancy weight. Don’t hate me for that, y’all. I had some gallbladder complications later on and the doctor said were related to pregnancy and had it removed a year after. Stress and complications from that made me hit about 85 pounds at one point, but I gained the weight back. It was about 2-3 years later that I actually started working out again, running mostly, because my metabolism had slowed and I began developing that tire around the midsection. I had trouble finding what I actually liked doing to workout since my old sports were kind of out of the question, and finding when, where, and how to workout is challenging with a child. I just really fell in love with working out consistently in the past year and a half, starting in crossfit, then moving to olympic lifting, and finally to powerlifting and bodybuilding type workouts as a combo. I now weigh 30 lb more than before having a baby, but I had never done weight training before so most of it is muscle (and some happy fat), but learning to love my “new“ body is a challenge still. I did go through a stage also where I carried more fat percentage than I do now, and was able to shed most of it. Though I didn’t struggle with baby weight, my skin never fit quite the same, so weight training helps to define and put most things back where they should be. Mostly I struggle with time and energy to workout while having a child to homeschool at the same time and running business.
  • Sarah Shaw - 29 years old, wife to Chris, mom of Claire, 7, Charlotte, 6, and Caleb, 2. I also babysit kids, sometimes an extra one or two, on the crazy days 3. I was never really active growing up. Both of my parents were disabled, so they were not active and my mom felt very pressured by her mother to be thin and fit and she didn’t want me to feel that pressure. I participated in basketball for a year and soccer for a year in Jr. High but nothing really stuck. I didn’t really struggle with my weight, I was an average size. Then I turned 19, got engaged, went on hormonal birth control pills, and blew up like a balloon. I was gaining and gaining and during pregnancy I’d gain maybe 10 lbs, lose it quickly, then pack on more weight while breastfeeding. I’d start to go to the gym and quit after about a month for one reason or another. I tried fad diets and would quit after about a week. I was avoiding photos at all costs knowing how horrible I looked. After my second baby was about a year old, we moved to the Dallas area where I had no friends. I decided I needed to get into shape. I was tired of losing out on memories with my kids because of my weight. I started going to some group classes at the gym and I started making really good friends. They were really encouraging and helpful. I started doing Insanity and other home workout programs with friends on top of the classes, I did some strict diets for a couple months at a time and went from 240 lbs to 150 lbs in about a year (sounds heavy for a girl but I’m about 5’9”). I decided to start running, ended up signing up for my first 10k and I actually won 3rd place in my age group. Who knew that hiding under that out of shape girl all those years ago was someone who could run and run well! I decided to go for a half marathon and ran it 6 weeks pregnant with our third. Completely miserabl
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