Bacon Bibles Barbells
Episode 15

Question Answer Time!

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Episode 15 is a question/answer episode where we asked our listeners to post their questions to our Facebook group, "Bacon Bibles Barbells" and we would answer them via blab. The questions we addressed are:


  • Intermittent fasting - The article I reccomend for a more indepth look at IF is here: - @ 6:15
  • Reformed? What is it? - @ 14:51
  • Why are partial reps (box squat, rack lockouts, rack pulls, holds, etc) with contraction important for overall strength of deads, squats, bench, rows, etc. OR are they just hype and don't really add to your overall strength of specific lifts? - The article Power Pastor recommends on this subject is here: - @ 22:14
  • Are overall numbers for the "big three" - a good indication of how fit someone is, or just how relatively strong they are? - @ 26:45
  • I know it’s just speculation, but do you think there will be lifting in heaven? - @ 30:17
  • Where does Everett Henes get his energy from? (I've wondered this for many years now) - @ 32:40
  • Do you think that lifting increases or decreases 'self-love'? - @ 34:35
  • How to pick up a workout buddy - how about spotting - @ 41:13
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