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Episode 10

The Saving of Mary Poppins

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We are very excited to have on our show Christian metal artist Andres Ortiz from The Saving.

We used Blab as our audio interface which you can join us live each week. Just look for the link that we will post in the Facebook group.


Andres is a one man band who's new album "Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God" releases Tuesday, October 6 on Itunes and Spotify. The intro, outro, and break music are songs found in the new album.


Here is a sampling of some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Vulgarity in secular music
  • Christian bands - the good, the bad, and the very ugly
  • Christian music - what makes a song a good or bad Christian song
  • Best tunes to lift to from Andres Ortiz's albums

If you have an lifting questions feel free to reach us at


The Saving website is here:


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