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Episode 1

Episode 1 part 1 - spiritual home

John Young published on

We’re in The Vaults @smwsTheVaults this time and it’s just John and Stuart. The beers sampled this evening were one from @Vedett, one from Belhaven and two @FyneAles offerings.

Round 1: Stuart had the Extra White, Belgian white beer by Vedett (John – 3, Stu – 4) and John had the Highland strong ale by Fyne Ales (John – 3.5, Stu – 3).

Round 2: Stuart had Fynebank, another beer from Fyne Ales, this time a peat smoked golden ale (John – 4, Stu – 5) and John had the Craft pilsner by Belhaven (John – 3.5, Stu – 3).

Round 3: As we are at the whisky society we decided to go with a whisky for round 3, it would be rude not to really.

Stuart had a bourbon cask whisky called Anyone for Cricket. Neat it was rated John – 4, Stu – 3.5 and with water it got a 4.5 from both the boys.

John had a bourbon cask whisky with the dubious name of A Beaker Full of the Warm South. Neat it got a 2 from Stu and a 2.5 from John but staggeringly the addition of a drop of water elevated the scores to 4 from each.

As far as beers go the clear winner was the Fynebank peat smoked golden ale. The winner of the whiskys was Anyone for Cricket. So a triumph for smokiness all round!

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