Welcome to Alex da Silva's, Be Great, Be Fantastic and Be Absolutely Phenomenal Podcast. Alex is an established Wellbeing Coach, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur, helping you to solve issues caused by Mental Illness and Addiction. Having had to overcome huge obstacles from a very young age, Alex is here to share his story, experiences and solutions on how you can also overcome anything and be the greatest version of yourself. Together with incredible guests, he is going to take you on a journey of discovery, personal growth and he is going to lift the lid on a lot of subjects we as a society don't like to talk about. We'll be diving deep into subjects that really matter to you. His passion is to ensure you succeed in ways you never thought possible, to achieve what you thought was just a dream and to overcome true adversity. Welcome to the show, get comfortable, turn up the volume and let's start the show.

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