Beard Stroking Bullsh*t

Episode 86

Gotta Get Back....Back To the Bullsh*t!

Beard Stroking Bullshit published on

On this episode Jon and Mike return to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2's latest gameplay trailer and Rockstar's mounting markting information regarding Red Dead 2....(Jon - 3!) , Jon finished Spider-Man and REALLY liked it minus some of the repative moments and of course those fantastic moments with Mary Jane...but this is Jon's FAVORITE iteration of Spider-man, and THAT's saying something. Jon spends some time with Black Ops 4 (nay FALLING IN LOVE with CoD Blops 4). Jon and Mike talk a bit about TellTale games shuttering its doors and what this means for the last of their games (including The Walking Dead). Mike and Jon spend a bit of time talking about Overkill's The Walking Dead beta and Bethesda's upcoming Beta for Fallout 76, and the upcoming fan made mod, Fallout New California, a story set 21 years prior to Fallout New Vegas and connects to the Lore of Fallout 2 and New Vegas. Mike and Jon round it out talking about the Captain Marvel trailer, Preacher season 3, Mike got his hands on John Layman's Outer Darkness ashcan and boy its gooooood.

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