Beard Stroking Bullsh*t

Episode 50

If Our Podcast was a Person, It Would be Halfway to the Grave

Beard Stroking Bullshit published on

Jon and Mike celebrate 50 episodes so far with a rousing review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, discuss the confirmation of who Future Flash, aka Savitar, aka Other Barry, IS and confirm he's.....well its complicated. Jon discusses Arrow and where Agents of Shield is headed. Mike and Jon discuss the last two episodes of Samurai Jack and what is on the horizon for this mini-series arc. Mike waxes philosophical regarding how you should treat human beings/actors on social media (i.e. Don't send death threats or harrass them) and the frustrating "is this where we are now?" mentality of trailers within trailers or even trailers of whats to come during the current episode of that show you like (BBC I'm looking at you). To round out the episode Mike and Jon discuss some gaming news regarding Payday 2's continuing support from Overkill including VR support that will allow for crossplay with standard PC/non-VR players. Square Enix sends away IO interactive possibly killing Hitman, Vanquish comes to PC, we get a rumored date for the Steam Summer Sale and Donald Glover gets to oversee the adult cartoon of Deadpool on FXX. To finish out the episode Mike gives his impressions, thoughts and tips on his time with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

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