Beard Stroking Bullsh*t

Episode 48

Rick and Morty have the Ultimate April Fools, PlayerUnknown Battleground, and Shiva Finally Mauls Someone

Beard Stroking Bullshit published on

This weeks episode has Mike and Jon talking about Adult Swim's April Fools joke in which they ran the first episode of Season 3 all evening. Jon laments it due pushing Samurai Jack to the next week, Mike explains the insane theories that fans have come up with regarding Rick and Morty. Archer Dreamland debuts on FXX and Mike discusses what the tone is for this seasons arc in which Archer searches for the culprit behind Woodhouses murder while in a coma. Jon brings up the newest episode of Samurai Jack and how we see our character changing and changing those around him. Mike and Jon discuss the Finale of The Walking Dead Season 7 in which they lead us right in to All Out War. Jon reviews PlayerUnknown Battleground and what pisses him off about the game. 

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