Beard Stroking Bullsh*t

Episode 85

SCUM Release, Spider-man and a Bunch of Bullsh*t

Beard Stroking Bullshit published on

In this episode Mike talks about the launch of SCUM into Early Access on Steam and what he's been doing (he's actually streaming FOR REAL and just recently got affiliated!), Jon talks about the Cyberpunk gameplay reveal and not wanting to spoil TOO much for himself. Jon's been playing Spider-Man on PS4 and thoroughly enjoying it...outside playing as Mary Jane. Jon talks about the worst version of PUBG (looking at you Xbox One...), but at least the Master Chief Collection is good now. Jon talks a little bit about the Fortnite update and how the grappling hook feels. And of course the Battlefield 5 open beta was release and still feels kinda MEH, to which Jon confirms their pre-orders are down 85%. Mike and Jon talk a little bit about what COD is bringing to the table in terms of Battle Royale and honestly it looks prettttttty dang good. Starbreeze/Overkill dropped another trailer for their Walking Dead game, and it payday 2 reskinned. Mike and Jon talk about what they've been watching, Jon's been watching Dragonball Z Super and gives his thoughts on it while Mike finally finished out Preacher season 3.

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