Beard Stroking Bullsh*t

Episode 91

The Future of VR, Some Gaming News, Curation of Comics/Streaming Services, and so much more!

Beard Stroking Bullshit published on

On this episode, Mike and Jon are joined by guest co-host Rob Sheridan to talk about a whole heap of things! SPOILERS: Mike and Jon discuss the end of Chapter 6 of Red Dead 2 and their initial thoughts on the epilogue of the game (If you haven't played this far or haven't reached this part of the game Skip ahead to about 12/15 minutes in). Rob and his wife got their hands on a PSVR and what his impressions are of console VR vs PC VR. They also got to experience some VR porn and it sounds wild...rooms may look a bit messy...per Rob's wife Stephanie. Bungie and Activision have parted ways in terms of publishing rights for Destiny 2 which could allow for some interesting new doors to open in terms of the development of the game. Bethesda holds a players account hostage because they accessed a secret area within Fallout 76. Rob got to see Into the Spider-verse and gives his thoughts on the film which also extends into an idea of curated media for comics/streaming media in which ACTUAL people curate "playlists" of TV episodes (Cartoons mostly) or series of comics (where to start). We round all of this talk out with our thoughts on the first footage of HBO's Watchmen series that was shown during the Golden GlobesĀ 

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