Beard Stroking Bullsh*t

Episode 23

The Upgrade and E3 Part 1

Beard Stroking Bullshit published on

On this episode of Beard Stroking Bullshit Jon discusses the upgrade process of rebuilding his computer (Better, Faster, and Stronger). Mike belays his renewed love of Payday 2 and all things Overkill (aka playing downloaded content that isn't client side) and the rest of this episode surrounds the news, rumors, speculations and confirmed things we will be seeing at this years E3 2016, Could Watch_Dogs 2 be the Assassins Creed 2 of the series, Will Dead Rising 4 be a return of fan favorite Frank West, He's covered wars you know, and will Bethesda be announcing a remastered Skyrim for the "next-gen" that will include mods for the console, a la Fallout 4. 

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