Beard Stroking Bullsh*t

Episode 92

Where In the F*&%K Have YOU BEEN?

Beard Stroking Bullshit published on

After a brief hiatus Mike and Jon return to talk about a whole HOST of things since they've been away! Mike discusses his short time with Spider-Man 4 on PS4 and his thoughts so far, which transitions into the conversation about Into The Spider-Verse winning a friggan OSCAR! Mike and Jon talk about EA/Respawn's foray into the world of Battle Royale with Apex Legends, in the midst of this two games brought to Mike's attention were Kenshi and Intruder both with a ton of potential in the realm of gameplay (Kenshi mostly gameplay and the workshop mods!). Mike and Jon tackle the removal of "user reviews" on Rotten Tomatoes for Captain Marvel and of course the final X-Men film from Fox, Dark Phoenix got a trailer and of course we've got some thoughts! 

As a PS. Mike and Jon talk about our friends over at Black Site who will be running a LIVE podcast on Klean's twitch page for the upcoming game Ready or Not from Void Interactive be sure to check it out on 3/7 at 7pm PST/10PM EST

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