Behind the Mind

Episode 2

Episode 2 with Katharine Haines (Quinnipiac University Student)

Kevin Meiselman published on

Katharine Haines is a student at Quinnipiac University, but her road to get there was not pretty. Katharine has experienced mental illness ever since she was a child, suffering from anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Her intense feelings of depression led her down a path of addiction and alcoholism, and forced her to drop out of college her first time around. After spending time in rehab and finding ways to improve her mental health, she is now in a much better place. She attends AA meetings, lives with other recovering addicts in a sober house, and has worked in treatment centers to help current addicts the same way she was helped. I had an awesome time talking with her, and she is extremely brave to share her full and honest story with the world. Hope you enjoy! 

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