Behind the Mind

Episode 6

Episode 6 with Hannah Bott

Kevin Meiselman published on

On Episode 6 of Behind the Mind, Hannah Bott joins the show to discuss her lifelong experiences with anxiety and depression. I highly reccommend learning about Hannah and all the adversity she has overcome, including a traumatic experience as a victim of sexual violence. She truly is an inspiration and is extremely brave to share such a detailed story with the world. Hannah currently serves as the Outreach Coordinator at NAMI North Texas. Her goal is to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness, and to educate people on the various signs and symptoms. She has also been competing in beauty pageants since she was 14 years old. Most recently, in May, she entered the Mrs. Texas Beauty Pageant. She won 1st place for the fitness award, and also uses the stage as a platform to spread mental health awareness. We also discuss how sufficient parental support helped both of us thrive in the face of mental illness, the current state of stigma, and the work Hannah does at NAMI. 

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