Being Human

Episode 6

#6 Primal Therapy: Emptying the Pain Tub with Dr France Janov

Richard Atherton published on

A conversation with Dr France Janov, Clinical Director of Primal Center, Venice, California on how Primal Therapy can cure us of our pain, her own recovery from suicidal tendencies and the importance of our birth experience.

For those wanting to get started learning about Primal Therapy, Dr Janov recommends the following books: 

- The Primal Scream:

- The Feeling Child:

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  • What a really pleasant surprise, being invited to this 'Being Human' Great Idea ! I have something in common with Dr. France Janov, l too was a 'war baby. I have had insomnia** all my life from that war. I was 'shocked by siren noise' in utero, l recall my mother often telling me, 'you bloody kicked me to death' when they where going off.' For three more years l was nightly 'shocked awake' by them. My parents where oblivious, l was put in a crib, door closed, they where both heavy drinkers and missed my screams of terror, being alone in the dark with noise l have memorized every part of this room, my white crib, where the window was, the fireplace, the door, in relation to my crib the connection to my hand arthritis and how tight l clung to the railings of the crib. .. In the present l practically live in earplugs, the world's noise, even in stores, is too much for me, they are my security blanket in the present! sad, the best, wax 'Muffles' from Boots I've used for twenty years. they are not going to be selling them anymore! . Due to the loss of our home of thirty two years, it has thrown me headfirst into first line all the time now. ,I really know, now for sure about my birth in therapy l had them 'out of sequence' but Nick Barton, let me have them, because l was walking out, due to feeling, ' "l can't breathe. l have experienced it a few times, my mother was heavily drugged and collapsed in on me, in my feeling, l am being squashed, can't move up or down, and l can't breathe either. I get a sensation of a stake going through my back @ T6 and T7 (thoracic) it is so powerful, l have to get Gary to push on it because the right side is all in painful spasm, when l have him press with his palm, he helps the spasm get less. I don't know how l got through that abuse, then next came forceps. I did pay a price for it with my lowered immunity from all that trauma.. I would love to document what l am going through and read more about others going through this.