Being Human

Episode 64

#64 Conquering My Epilepsy - with Jan Åke Johnsson

Richard Atherton published on

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In this week's episode of Being Human, I talk with Jan Åke Johnsson, a man with an amazing story and a fellow adherent of Primal Therapy and Rolfing practices. We explore how his journey to "go within" to the source of his epilepsy has given him complete control over his condition and reduced it to a virtual non-issue. We talk:

- The two years he spent entirely out of action to fully face his demons
- His direct experience of working with therapist-to-John Lennon and author of 'Primal Scream', Arthur Janov
- What he means by 'having a Primal' when healing his difficult birth
- How his mother's religious views impacted his entry to life
- His message for fellow epileptics



Jan's book 'Evolution in Reverse':

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