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Episode 68

#68 Objective and Key Result - with Christina Wodtke

Richard Atherton published on

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In this week's episode, I talk with Christina Wodtke, the world's number one evangelist for Objectives and Key Results - the powerful goal-setting technique loved by Google. With Christina, I explore her breakthrough book on OKRs, 'Radical Focus' and her forthcoming title 'The Team That Managed Itself' on supercharging team performance. We talk:

- The power of having "one objective per business model"
- Her radical approach for team feedback
- Why explicitly agreeing on team norms upfront accelerates team cohesion
- The difference between low-context and high-context cultures and why it matters
- The importance of using language that touches people's hearts and gives meaning to their work


Christina's blog:
'Radical Focus':

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