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Episode 64

Thanos-Tom-A7XfanBen | Submit your questions for James Ernest! | Cool Stuff | Pirates Blog #64

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Submit your questions for game designer James Ernest!


Question of the Day: Do you think eventual scarcity of packs could result in higher prices? (especially once HWG runs out of almost everything) Or will there be enough unopened packs out there?


Congratulations to Tom and the Patriots!

Tom Brady is Thanos, and Admiral A7XfanBen is Tom Brady:


comment about waxed cord:

HWG continues to run out of stuff:

Cool islands:

Putting duplicates in a geocache for people to find

CG4 hype video


Deals of the Day and beyond:

Card of the Day:

8/10, nice 5 master!

Picture of the Day:

Economy Edition:

Great to be working on a Monday!!  XD

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