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Episode 29

Trip to Michael's + Reviewing past Carnage | Pirates with Ben Blog #29

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QOTD: What was the last Pirates-related purchase you made at a physical store?  (could be packs when the game was in production, ocean fabrics at a craft store, etc)

Deal of the Day:

Card of the Day:
Towards the bottom of this page you can find my generic crew sheets to print and cut out if you don’t have enough generic crew:

All of today’s Pictures of the Day can be found in my Economy Edition battle reports:

Yes, that is it.  The computer audio input and output has worked great for both videos and the podcasts.  Camera doesn't have great battery life for videos but it works well enough.  

I did get an SSD for the laptop in early 2018.

eBay is often the best place to find Pirates stuff:

Hill's Wholesale Gaming (HWG) often has the best prices on packs:

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