Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 57

A Hero's Journey And Archetypes With Nyko Rivera

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

“The hero leaves, the hero suffers, the hero returns. You are that hero” -Stephen Pressfield. Have you heard of the concept of the heroes journey? It appears all over literature for thousands of years. Since the epic of Gilgamesh, humans have been writing about this archetype. This idea of leaving from home, answering a call, going through struggle, and returning to the tribe with new knowledge. It’s the story that continues for all eternity. Why? Because it is OUR story. Today I’m talking to Nyko Rivera, a martial artist with an incredible story of growth and positivity. Nyko is in the midst of his heroes journey and we wanted to dive into a conversation on this topic. Martial arts are a pathway towards great spiritual and physical knowledge, in my experience. We are going to talk about their powerful transformation ability and how they guide on our own heroes journey. Let’s get into it!

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