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Episode 96

AI Technology And Human Evolution With Dan Faggella

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

AI Technology is perhaps the most important new technology to analyze. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult. Why is that the case? It is evolving fast. Additionally, latest developments in the field of AI technology are kept a bit under wraps for competitive and security reasons. To make matters more complex, folks at the top of the food chain in AI technology are often lightyears ahead of “Average Joe” when it comes to comprehension of this new technology. In other words, it would take a few years for them to explain to Average Joe what exactly is happening.

Latest technology innovations must be understood. Given the idea that these new technologies are advancing the evolution of the species, it is imperative that Average Joe understand what is happening. After all, if Average Joe is going to have their life entirely disrupted by AI technology, it is fair to say that they deserve an explanation, no matter how complex.

Dan Faggella is a man who has stepped up to fill that role. Through his work with TechEmergence, Dan breaks down the complexities of AI technology to share with his audience. Geared towards helping business leaders understand Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, Dan and his team interview leading experts in the AI technology space. The interviews are then transformed into detailed articles that help business owners and “Average Joes” all over the world understand exactly what is happening in AI technology news.

New technology like AI is here. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, Dan and I dive into how AI technology will advance our economy and ultimately our species. If you are confused by AI technology, this is a show that will breakdown some of the common questions around this new technology and shed some help on where our species is at today.

In this interview, Dan Faggella talked about two key concepts: the potential for humans to become "digitized and digested" and also the idea of job security in the age of Artificial Intelligence. To read more about those topics, check out the associated blog posts by clicking these links:

Digitized and Digested:

Job Security:

Let’s dive in!

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