Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 59

Astrology to “Hack” Personal Development with Joshua MacGuire

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

Do you believe in Astrology? Is Astrology real? How does Astrology factor into personal development? Astrology and how it factors into a person’s life seems to be a heated topic… Whether or not Astrology is real is an obvious answer depending on who you ask: it seems like there isn’t a whole lot of middle ground. Either it’s for sure real or definitely fake… Joshua McGuire is here to shed some light. Joshua is a life coach who integrates Astrology into his practice as a way to “hack” personal development. He’s found that it’s a great way to help his clients make some shortcuts in their life towards a more beautiful reality. We’re going to get into the weeds with Astrology and how it engages with personal development. We’ll do our best to answer once and for all: Is Astrology a real thing? Let’s chat!

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