Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 11

AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) Is Here To Change Our World With Reekita Shah Alias Gala

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

Were you a fan of Pokemon GO? Well, get ready for a lot more of that on a higher order of magnitude... Augmented Reality (AR) is coming soon and it's going to change our entire paradigm. Reekita Shah Alias Gala comes on this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast to chat about the ramifications for marketing, collaboration, communication, and a lot more! We talk about how AR is going to radically change marketing, ecommcerce, real estate, and a ton of other industries... Make sure you subscribe to the show on iTunes so you never miss an episode :) If you want to learn more about AR, make sure you check out Reekita's website at ... If you want to learn anything related to starting a business online, make sure you check out the Excelsior chatbot at Have a great day! Much love! -Paul

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