Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 43

Bringing Esoteric Knowledge Into The Future With Celina Celeste

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

How can esoteric and sacred knowledge from the past help our future? What is esoteric knowledge? Why didn’t you learn about it in school? Whether it’s forms of Yoga, meditation, or knowledge about the law of attraction or sacred geometry, esoteric knowledge is making a resurgence thanks to the internet. Celina Celeste and I are going to dive headfirst down the rabbit hole and talk about our experiences unearthing sacred knowledge to create a better future! Celina hosts the “Simply Celeste” podcast  about enhancing your best self to help create a dream life. We are going to breakdown how this is possible. We will talk about everything from how information is repressed down to how the esoteric arts can be used to better your life. Tune in and get your learning cap on! 

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