Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 70

Developing Psychic Abilities With “StariAri" Ruiz

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

Have you ever wondered how to “become” a psychic? Is this actually a real thing? “StariAri” Ruiz thinks so! Ari is a Toltec Shaman Healer and coach who helps folks connect with their psychic abilities and gifts! We are going to chat about how you can unlock your psychic and intuitive abilities to help evolve your consciousness! What does this have to do with human evolution? I believe we are becoming some sort of techno cyber-psychic creature… A being linked in with our spiritual power and learning to combine that knowledge with emerging technology. Once your mind is open to the esoteric secrets known by our ancestors, it’s hard to not see how everything is interconnected. Have you thought about looking into “becoming” a Psychic? You might be one already. You just have to unlock that gift! Let’s dive into this topic and see where it goes!

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