Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 46

Developing Super Powers with Jax Atlantis

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

Are supernatural powers real? What is a list of superpowers that might exist? As our species continues to evolve, it is well possible that we could develop abilities that would appear super human to our current minds. Once the merging with technology is more complete, it is well possible for the human species to develop new abilities and wiring that would give us the powers normally equated with gods. Is this actually likely? Jax Atlantis is here to save the day! Jax is a spiritual coach who helps people to develop esoteric abilities. What do I mean by “esoteric”? Remote viewing. Astral Projection. Past Life Regression. Jax and I have even geeked out before about the possibilities for telekinesis… We’re going to dive into the details on this topic! If you’ve followed the show for awhile, you’ll know that emerging ideas are an essential aspect of evolving the species. These are some emerging ideas that have potential to shift everything you thought possible about reality. Let’s GOOOO!

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