Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 33

Evolution of Masculinity with Kevin Bruce Scott

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

The EVOLUTION of Masculinity… How can you have everything you want in life? Why do relationships keep failing? Why do businesses fail? These are questions asked everyday by plenty of souls that find themselves in an unfortunate circumstances. Many of those souls are male. For a man in the modern age, life can be confusing… Especially in the online world, it can be a confusing dialogue of reverting to our “roots” as an evolutionary being vs. evolving with the time and becoming more in tune with our feminine energy. What’s the right answer? That’s what Kevin Bruce Scott and I are here to talk about! Kevin realized some time ago that HE was at the crux of his life’s failures… That his failed relationships and businesses had only HIM at the root cause. Kevin made a commitment to change his mindset, focus on becoming a man of his word, and connect the dots along the path towards connecting with himself. Nowadays, he helps other men do the same! Let’s chat! Kevin is hosting a coaching platform starting September 1st! If you wanna learn more, just go to this link:

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