Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 30

Finding Your True Purpose with Loren Michaels Harris

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

How can we solve our greatest societal problems? Is it through government subsidized programs, despite increased taxes? Maybe through more people taking responsibility and pulling themselves up, despite massive societal hardships? Is there another way? Loren Michaels Harris is tackling some massive problems. He is working to change the State Foster Care System while also empowering inner city communities to bring people out of poverty. How is he starting to tackle these problems? By uniting community leaders to work together to empower their areas. He’s hosting the Power of WE Symposium in Chicago on September 20th to get the movement started! By working together through grassroots cooperation, we can accomplish a great deal. Is this a model we could apply to the rest of our issues and problems? Let’s talk about it! Check out for all the information about Loren's event! Much Love! -Paul

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