Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 51

Gratitude, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, and MORE with Meghan Sylvester

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

What daily practices are important to you? How do you structure your day to provide for the most energetic and aligned version of yourself? Do you meditate? Journal? Prayer? Reading? What about using tools like gongs or crystal singing bowls that help with sound therapy? Whatever you do, it’s an important piece of your day. It’s what gets you ahead and helps you feel fulfilled and aligned before you do anything for that day. Meghan Sylvester is here to talk to us about the daily practices that help evolve our consciousness! Meghan helps people have transformational experiences using tools like Kundalini Yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and a whole lot more. This is an important step towards consciousness evolution: having the toolbox that will let you make this happen. Let’s dive into this topic! You can follow everything Meghan is doing at

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