Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 113

Healthy Lifestyles For The 21st Century | Virginia Czarnocki

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

Being healthy in today’s modern world can be a challenge…

When it comes to evolving our consciousness and taking our lives to the next level, everything must begin with taking care of our physical bodies… “The temple for the soul” as it has been called.

In the 21st century, integrating healthy lifestyles into our busy and technologically advanced world can be difficult for many folks. Oftentimes, we are persuaded away from our healthy lifestyles by advertisements, fast food, hectic lives, stress, small children, and much more!

How can a person adapt lifestyle health plans that are actually achievable?

Virginia Czarnocki is here to help us understand how to create healthy lifestyles that actually hold up under the pressures of the 21st Century.

Virginia is a coach who helps folks integrate healthy lifestyles that are actually maintainable, achievable, and realistic. She has a track record of amazing results for her clients that result in individuals who are models of being healthy in our 21st century world!

On this show, we are going to chat about how to incorporate healthy lifestyles into our 21st century routines!

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Thank you for tuning into this show about incorporating healthy lifestyles into your 21st century routine!


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