Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 143

How Can We Heal Gender Issues In 2019? | Kevin Oroszlan | Masculine And Feminine Energy

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

On this show, I talk to Kevin Oroszlan about this important topic… We dive into discussing how men can thrive in 2019 and what balanced masculine energy combined with feminine energy might resemble. In today’s increasingly more polarized world, this is an important conversation to begin having at-scale from the largest platforms possible.

Kevin is a coach who helps men embrace their masculine energy in a fully healthy manner. By embracing our divine masculine energy, we are able to facilitate healing for the collective divine feminine energy that has been so greatly wronged. As Kevin says in this episode "as men, embracing your own feminine energy does not turn you into a woman. Rather, it makes you more of a man". Beautifully said.

On this show, we talked about how the suppression of our internal feminine energy has manifested into oppression of women collectively. Just as our own bodies can sometimes demand a rest, demand more creative space, or even manifest diseases or illnesses that force us to finally take a break from our masculine energy, women around the world are standing together and demanding to be recognized. No longer are women standing up for injustices committed against them. Although this drive for equality is certainly to be encouraged, there is a tendency to demonize masculine energy. Almost as a way to get revenge for what has been suffered by the divine feminine, the divine masculine is being criticized and held accountable for sins that it may not have necessarily committed. We are risking a fall into demanding justice for crimes that were not committed by any singular person or organization.

You can learn more about Kevin and get in touch at his website at this link:


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