Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 63

How To Create A Morning Routine For Spiritual Awakening

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

Want to create a morning routine that gets you primed for the day without stress or making things too complex? Here’s what’s worked for me! 1. Do something for your mind.? 2. Do something for your body.? 3. Throw in something to get you fueled up for the day!? 4. Something to connect with you with your spirituality.? All four of these are KEY if you want a morning routine that supports spiritual awakening and evolving your consciousness! I believe a morning routine makes or breaks your entire day… Develop a toolkit of techniques that will prime your morning routine for a great day that makes you feel connected, centered, and ready for action! It doesn’t have to be complicated… Don’t worry about listening to anyone who tries to convince you that you need to have an overly complicated morning routine that involves expensive products, a laundry list of items, or anything that makes your morning routine overly complicated. Just select some simple shit that works for YOU and helps YOU feel centered, aligned, and spirituality present throughout your day! Let’s get into it on this episode!

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