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How To Create A "Side Hustle" That Makes Real $$$ | Tim Kelly

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As jobs of the future continue to emerge and develop, a phenomena is developing in the 9-5 world: more folks are starting "side hustle" jobs and businesses they work in their free time. Instead of the nuclear family life of getting home at 5 and watching the news, more and more people are utilizing their evenings and nights to operate some sort of side hustle. What is a "side hustle"? Typically, a business, investment opportunity, or second job that is oftentimes accomplished through the internet.

Successful side hustles come in a variety of forms. For example, thanks to websites such as Bigger Pockets or Active Duty Passive Income, there is a rise in the number of individuals who are interested in investing in real estate. Thanks to the education provided by these credible and informative sources, it has never been easier to begin investing in real estate. For many individuals, this is a lucrative side hustle that oftentimes replaces the person's 9-5 job.

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I spoke with Tim Kelly about how to operate a profitable real estate side hustle while still working a 9-5 job. Tim is in the United States Navy and has managed to create and help operate a highly successful real estate investing firm while also serving in the military. Beginning in 2011, Tim started buying properties with his first investment in a single-family property. Today, Tim is centered around multi-family property and intends to acquire 5,000 multi-family homes within the next three years through the partnerships he has created via his side hustle.

If you're interested in the mindset and strategy behind running a highly successful "side hustle", this show is a must-listen. On this episode, Tim and I discuss the mindset that it takes to operate a successful side hustle that can eventually grow to replace your 9-5 job. Here's the issue most folks run into: they get in their own way. They create excuses that are really just hiding various limiting beliefs in plain site.

When we tell our minds that anything is possible and we refuse to create excuses, we can truly achieve whatever we want from life. It is important to set priorities, master time management, and stay up later and/or wake up earlier than everyone else in order to achieve goals. Once we prioritize what's important and know the motivating factors behind why we are creating a side hustle, suddenly our minds open and we begin to achieve more and more in our lives.

Jobs of the future are changing and going to look radically different than jobs of today. By creating a side hustle, we gift ourselves the opportunity to learn some of these digital skills. By doing so, it is possible to bulletproof against the changing economy that is inevitably going to happen. You see, the world is radically shifting and there is a high likelihood that many jobs will be replaced by AI technology and other forms of new technology. How do you ensure this does not happen to you? Master a digital skillset for the digital age. Creating a side hustle can give you the means to make this a reality and truly begin to achieve more than you thought possible.

It all starts with changing your mind, thinking powerful thoughts, and beginning to imagine yourself achieving more with your life. When we make this mental shift, the entire world opens its doors to the pathway to success. All it takes is shifting our mindset around what is possible and what we can achieve. Ensuring you are competitive for jobs of the future will rely on these key character traits of the human experience.

Jobs of the future come in many forms. It is not strictly necessary that a person become an entrepreneur running a completely online company. Instead, jobs of the future might resemble a format similar to what Tim is doing with his real estate investing company. Given the right mindset and the right strategy, it is quite possible to operate in several industries simultaneously.

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