Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 68

How To Overcome Mental Health Issues

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

Mental health issues plague so many people in today's society... Different forms of Anxiety and Depression seem to run rampant. If you read some statistics, these cases seem to be increasing! What is going on? Is it because of the food we eat? Is it because we don't get outside often enough? Is it genetic? Is it because of vaccines? etc. etc. What's the cause? I became obsessed with overcoming Mental Health issues when I found out I'm on the autism spectrum... Growing up in a homeschooled family, I didn't have many issues in school. I went to a small private College (shoutout Lycoming College in PA!) and didn't really have problems there either. Once I graduated school and started working at a 9-5 job, the issues began. The noise of the office was completely overwhelming! Do you know much about autism? If you do, you'll know that sensory overload issues are at the root of many of our struggles... The world is just so damn loud/bright/smelly/etc.! Up until this point in my life, this wasn't bothering me too much... Not enough for me to notice anyways. However, once I was living in the "real world" with a job, a relationship, bills to pay, and a whole lot more, the issues started coming... and they happened seemingly overnight! Suddenly, going to work every day was hell. I fucking HATED my job. In the beginning, I blamed all my issues on the job! Again, I didn't really know I was "on the spectrum"... Honestly, I thought everyone was having this experience! I thought my boss was a tyrant anytime he asked us to stay late... How could he keep us in this torture chamber any longer than was absolutely necessary!?! Not wanting to complain, I kept it all inside... I didn't tell anyone I was struggling. No one else was complaining so I thought I'd be wimping out if I said something. About a year into that life, things got bad. I started having panic attacks almost every day before work. My body started to go into a state of panic whenever I was driving to work... It was a response to the trauma of being in a loud and noisy environment that overwhelmed my system. It was right around this time that I found out about autism and began to connect the dots. I realized quickly that I WAS the only one having this experience. Most people don't go through life with sensory overload issues! Determined to have a better life, I made the commitment to overcome autism. I was hell-bent on starting my own business and living a great life... For people like me, 9-5 jobs are not really an option. If I wanted to have a happy life free from sensory overwhelm, I had to work for myself. Totally dedicated, I dove headfirst into "fixing" myself. Quickly, I realized that I would have to improve ME before I ever stood a chance of improving my business. I'm writing this email about two years from that decision... I'm pleased to say I was successful. Here's what worked! Like I mention in the episode, if you want a free guide of all the resources that helped me heal my life and take my consciousness to the next level, go to


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