Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 103

"Is Cryptocurrency Dead?" With Matthew Aaron From Crypto 101

Paul Tokgozoglu published on


Cryptocurrency is one item that can be traded on the blockchain. Effectively, digital currency is currency that is able to be traded over blockchain technology. Is crypto dying? In November of 2018, we are experiencing a dramatic downturn in fortune for cryptocurrency as the market has seemed to crush for our digital friend. If you are following new technology closely, you will know that blockchain technology is the real horse to bet on in this race vs. trying to understand which specific coin will rise to the top. However, this is an important question and situation to analyze because cryptocurrency is the financial backer for blockchain technology in general.

Matthew Aaron is the host of the top ranked podcast Crypto 101. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Matthew and I breakdown the current situation with the cryptocurrency market and answer the question of whether or not the cryptocurrency market (and blockchain technology in general) is poised for a collapse. If you are interested in blockchain technology and the future of crypto, this is a great show for you to watch:

Matthew and I dive into the future of crypto and discuss alternative solutions for blockchain technology. Honestly, I personally believe that cryptocurrency is one of the worst applications for blockchain technology when it comes to actually introducing this technology to the market. On this show, we discuss voting over the blockchain, the use of smart contracts in crowd funding or crowd ownership, and a number of other creative ways this technology can be applied to our evolving and changing world.

New technology is evolving the species. When these technologies combine with psychic abilities, spiritual awakening, and other esoteric principles, our world will never be the same. If you examine other times in history when a massive leap forward in history occurs (like the Industrial Revolution or the Renaissance), the new technological marvels are introduced alongside philosophies that always seem to go hand in hand. At the point in history we find ourselves today, this is happening again. Once new technology and spiritual principles meet at the top of the ladder, the human species will find itself at an evolved state.

Want to learn more about what Matthew is doing? Check out everything he's doing at the Crypto 101 Website:

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