Beyond Homo Sapien
Episode 92

Jobs Of The Future With Tony Whatley

Paul Tokgozoglu published on

What Are The Best “Jobs for the future”? As the internet continues to revolutionize our world and transform our world from the industrial age, the jobs of the future will look radically change. Already, we are seeing more folks who are doing remote work from home or becoming a digital nomad and living a more nomadic lifestyle. Work from home opportunities are burgeoning as more folks demand the ability to remote work from home instead of going to an office. Jobs of the future will look radically different from those that have existed up until this point. In many cases, true “jobs of the future” might be entrepreneurship. These days, we see many young folks (and older ones too!) taking to their laptops and either taking digital nomad jobs or starting a business they can run online. As a future career, is this something that will become more normal? I think so! On today’s episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, I’m talking to Tony Whatley about this topic. Tony is an expert in starting a “side-hustle”: a business that supplements your 9-5 income and eventually can become your vehicle for remote work from home. He wrote the book "Side Hustle Millionaire" about his journey of starting a "side hustle" that earned over a million in revenue while also working at his full-time corporate job. We are diving into Jobs of the Future and discussing why running a job from your laptop might become a more regular form of how human beings operate their day to day lives. You can see everything Tony is doing at

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